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Preparing for baby and forming your village of support

By makingmama | Jul 19, 2021

Two big things are happening for mums that make being a new mum just plain hard.  Services provided to mothers during pregnancy are often all focused on the pregnancy and the birth. Fair enough. Both are absolutely important. But what about when baby comes home? What about the birth debriefing that most mums don’t get?…

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10 ways to help your toddler when they tell lies

By makingmama | Apr 2, 2021

Dealing with toddlers lying is really tricky because it is something that naturally occurs with all children, but it can really push our buttons. Honesty is often a core value most parents have for their families, and one we try hard to teach our children. Until they are school age, it can be a real…

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Returning to work and not wanting to separate from your baby

By makingmama | Mar 12, 2021

Is your return to work looming? Child care has been organised. Tick. But your first day of work feels like a day of doom coming. How do you deal with the thought that you won’t be there to comfort your baby when he’s crying, that they might let him cry for longer than you would…

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The importance of the mothers’ village

By makingmama | Feb 18, 2021

The transition into motherhood for most mums can be an isolating and lonely time. Even mums who have worked with babies and children in their careers before motherhood can find it a challenging time. No amount of exposure to babies or knowledge relating to babies can prepare you for the bone tiredness of sleep deprivation…

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Shopping with toddlers

7 Tips to Surviving Shopping with Babies and Toddlers

By makingmama | Jun 10, 2020

Shopping with young children is exhausting and can often end in tears for everyone We all know the story. You went out to the local shopping centre to get a few jobs done. You had a list of 10 items and only three got ticked off. The baby cried because she was tired and couldn’t…

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When breastfeeding isn't easy

When Breastfeeding Isn’t Easy

By makingmama | Jun 3, 2020

“I felt like a failure because I couldn’t do it and I desperately wanted to breastfeed“ “I came home from hospital with C-Man on day five, and ended up with bleeding nipples the very next afternoon. I fell apart emotionally when C-Man had blood running out of his mouth. By coincidence, the midwife called right…

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How to get house work done with a newborn and a toddler.

By makingmama | May 21, 2020

Feel like you work all day and nothing gets done? Are you a stay at home mum? Who stays at home? Who has all day to get stuff done, yet suddenly it is almost dinner time, your partner is about to walk through the door and the place is a tip? The guilt sets in.…

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Santa photos: the good, the bad, and the crying toddler…3 reasons why it ends this way.

By makingmama | Dec 21, 2019

Children and Santa photos. You’ve made it to the shopping centre. The kids are in matching outfits. Waited in line for 45 minutes. It all starts. Crying. Screaming. Trying to run away. Everyone is staring. You try to hold it together. Just one photo. Yep. It’s Christmas.  Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas Santa! The genesis…

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Holidaying with Kids

By makingmama | Dec 13, 2019

Many mothers worry that holidaying with kids is not possible. But is it? Is having children really the end of holidays and travel? Have you ever heard that saying ‘a holiday is the same sh*t in a different location?’ when it comes to parenting children on holidays? It’s a pretty common occurrence that parents will…

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