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Mama Village Mothers' Groups for Babies

Are you looking for a mothers' group?

Mums constantly tell me that they feel lonely and isolated. Do you feel this way too?

My name is Karen O'Mara. I'm a mother of two, a qualified and experienced social worker with more than 25 years working with families of babies and toddlers and young primary school aged children.

At the Mama Village you will receive support in a non-judgmental way, while learning to be a responsive and gentle parent through the evidenced based parenting information provided each week. I will guide you with attachment parenting information, while looking holistically at families, the struggles of motherhood, as well as the strengths you all possess as mothers.

My passion is supporting mums in their adjustment to motherhood to help reduce the rates of postnatal depression and anxiety. I also love helping mums build their village of support so they don’t have to do mothering alone.

When you attend the Mama Village you will feel heard and supported, build lasting friendships and develop tools and strategies to assist you in becoming the best parent you can be.

Making Mama Babies

What's involved?

Each session will include a parenting theme, as well as the opportunity for a social chat. Parenting themes will change each term.

90 minute group session including:

  • evidenced-based parenting themes
  • connection with other mums for ongoing support
  • babies in a similar age group
  • share similar experiences with other mums
  • guest speakers on specialist topics
  • coffee/tea and homemade morning tea

Plus bonus private online support group for mums in the Mama Village to receive additional information and support each week!

Term 3 program: 12th July - 14th September 2021

Mama Village Dealing with criticism and conflicting advice

Dealing with conflicting advice

Monday 12th July and Tuesday 13th July

Every mother faces this. It comes at us at all angles. It starts in pregnancy and continues into the hours after our baby is born. People from the same profession give us conflicting advice. Our family members, our friends, and even strangers can criticise our decisions, our parenting, and give us unwanted advice. How do you manage? What happens if it just doesn’t stop? Come and pick up some tips to save your sanity!

Mama Village The fourth trimester

The fourth trimester & the lack of the village

Monday 19th July and Tuesday 20th July

It is normal in Western culture for mums to be expected to recover from birth quickly and get on with things. We don't seem to have the space to nurture our bodies and our babies, while other women nurture us - as occurs in some other cultures. The first 12 weeks after birth, referred to as 'the fourth trimester', is an important time in a mother's life - it is not only the recovery from birth and the establishment of breastfeeding that is often all consuming, but the start of matrescence - the birth of a mother. This is the time when you are adjusting to all things motherhood. We will discuss the changes to the mother’s body, how to take care of it following birth, and how to create the supportive helping village.

Mama Village breastfeeding

Breastfeeding and infant feeding

Monday 26th July and Tuesday 27th July

Most mothers plan to breastfeed after they have their babies. What many mums don't realise is how hard it can be, or how painful. You might have a newborn and are still having some difficulties. You might have an older baby and are now smashing this breastfeeding thing! You might have stopped breastfeeding, even before you were ready. In this session we cover your first breastfeeding experience, any challenges you faced, what helped you through and what emotions you may have experienced. We look at where you are at now and chat about the different options for infant feeding.


Paediatric First Aid

Monday 2nd August and Tuesday 3rd August

Jess Peters will join us from Rescueblue, a first aid company run by current operational Paramedics based in Queensland. Jess will share the importance of paediatric first aid, share some tips and tricks to avoid burns in the home as well as discuss some strategies to avoid paediatric drowning. She will cover what to expect when dialing 000 and dealing with Paramedics in an emergency situation and will also provide you with information about their Little Aid Workshop which is tailored especially towards parents/carers with children aged 0-12 years. Bookings for the Little Aid Workshop can be made here

Mama village mother's changing identity

Mother's changing identity

Monday 9th August and Tuesday 10th August

At the time of matrescence, the birth of a mother, it consumes your world. You focus on your body's recovery from birth, and usually, on breastfeeding. As time goes by, you might venture out into the world. Few mums slip back into their old life before their baby. The 'old life' is often left in the past, as you forge ahead creating a new life. This doesn't always come without loss. You can experience a sense of loss of your previous friends, colleagues, your actual work or workplace, and your social life that is now non-existent. So other than the role of mother and perhaps wife or partner, what else now forms your identity?

Mama Village letting go of mother's guilt

Letting go of mother guilt

Monday 16th August and Tuesday 17th August

Whether you've never heard of 'mother guilt' or can't escape its relentless grip, it simply means that pervasive feeling of not doing enough as a parent, not doing things right, or making decisions that may “mess up” your kids in the long run. Join us as we discuss what it means to be a perfect mother, or a 'good enough mother'.

Mama village birth stories

Birth stories

Monday 23rd August and Tuesday 24th August

Why is birth significant? Birth changes us! We will discuss the difference between a 'good' and a 'bad' birth to give us a framework to work with and you will be nurtured and supported by me (and the other mums) to share whatever it is you feel - whether your baby's birth was a positive experience, or a negative experience. You will hear the stories of other mums, and hopefully, in this bonding experience, you will add more mothers to your village of support as well.

Making Mama: parenting differently from your own parents

Parenting differently from your own parents

Monday 30th August and Tuesday 31st August

We all know that we learn how to parent from how we were parented. Most parents will find themselves parenting in very similar ways to their own parents, unless you make concerted efforts to change the way you will automatically respond. In this session we take a look at whether your own needs were met as a child and how this influences the way that you parent today.


Making Mama: Mummy Meltdowns

Losing it: mummy meltdowns

Monday 6th September and Tuesday 7th September

There is a lot of pressure in society to be the ‘perfect mother’ and social media has exacerbated this with posts of the good times, and rarely the bad. So what happens when it all gets too much? Do you scream and shout at your kids? Do you sit on the kitchen floor and cry? Come along and share your experiences and hear about how you can make little changes to help you cope better. We absolutely all have meltdowns – let’s normalise it and help one another remove the guilt.

Making Mama: protective behaviours-keeping kids safe

Keeping kids safe: Protective behaviours

Monday 13th September and Tuesday 14th September

Child protection is everybody’s business and research shows that the majority of children who are harmed by others occurs by a person the child knows. Learn some key protective behaviours to help keep your child safe when around other people.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka

How to Join the Mama Village

Bookings for the mothers' groups are for the whole term. There are no wait periods - you can join anytime. I know that when you need support, you need it NOW! If the group you would like to join has sold out, please contact me for a chat - I will not turn you away!

If you are joining partway through the term, please contact me for the reduced rate of the fees for the remainder of the term.

How much does it cost?

Term 3, 2021 bookings

When you attend the mothers groups you will leave feeling less alone and isolated in your mothering, you will have evidenced based parenting information, tools and strategies to assist you in becoming the best parent you can be, your child will feel connected to you and you will be supported and nurtured by a qualified and experienced health professional who has worked with families for more than 25 years. In addition, you are welcome to join a private online support group for mothers from the Mama Village where additional parenting information and support will be available each week, as well as the opportunity for you to continue building your connections with other mums.

For all of this, the cost is $250 for the Mama Village mothers' group (which is only $25 per week).

Payment is to be made upfront for the 10 week term (or part thereof if you are joining partway through the term). Payment plan options are available if needed - enquire here.

Where are the Mama Village mothers' groups held?

The Mama Village mothers' groups are held at the Coorparoo School of Arts and RSL Memorial Hall at 208-210 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo

Making Mama Coorparoo hall