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Mama Village Mothers' Groups

Are you looking for a mothers' group?

Mums constantly tell me that they feel lonely and isolated. Do you feel this way too?

My name is Karen O'Mara. I'm a mother of two, a qualified and experienced social worker with more than 25 years working with families of babies and toddlers and young primary school aged children.

At the Mama Village you will receive support in a non-judgmental way, while learning to be a responsive and gentle parent through the evidenced based parenting information provided each week.

When you attend the Mama Village you will feel heard and supported, build lasting friendships and develop tools and strategies to assist you in becoming the best parent you can be.

Making Mama Mama Village mothersgroups

What groups are available?

There are four groups per week in the Mama Village.

0-9 month old groups

0-24 month old group

2-5 year old group

The 0-9 month old group is for new mums who are seeking connection with other mothers and wanting support around all the things relating to the adjustment of motherhood! This could mean you are a new mum for the first time, or you have had another baby and are looking for a new village.

Like the 0-9 month old group, this group is for any mum of a baby aged 10-24 months who is looking for connection with other like-minded mums, or who is looking for some mum friends. This group is also for you if you are looking for attachment parenting information to be a gentle, responsive mum.

This group is for mothers of children aged 2-5 years. In the one setting, you can attend a Mama Village mothers' group for mums of toddlers while your child attends a playgroup. If you have a baby under the age of 24 months, you are welcome for them to attend with you in the mothers group at no extra charge.

What's involved?

Each session will include a parenting theme, as well as the opportunity for a social chat. Parenting themes will change each term.

90 minute group session including:

  • evidenced-based parenting themes
  • connection with other mums for ongoing support
  • babies or toddlers in a similar age group
  • guest speakers on specialist topics
  • coffee/tea and homemade morning tea

You will also be invited to join a private online support group for mums in the Mama Village where you will receive additional information and support each week!

Term dates 2021

Term 1, 2021: 1 February - 30 March

Term 2, 2021: 19 April - 22 June

Term 3, 2021: 12 July - 14 September

Term 4, 2021: 11 October - 30 November






How to Join the Mama Village

You are welcome to a free trial of the Mama Village (and French playgroup) if you would like to try before you buy.

Bookings are for the whole term (or remainder of the term if you join partway through). There are no wait periods - you can join anytime. I know that when you need support, you need it NOW!

If you are joining partway through the term, please contact us for the reduced rate of the fees for the remainder of the term.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka

Where are the Mama Village mothers' groups held?

Coorparoo hall v3

The Mama Village mothers' groups are held at the Coorparoo School of Arts and RSL Memorial Hall at 210 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo