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Mama Village Mothers' Groups for 0-12 Month Old Babies

Term 1, 2022

Making Mama Babies

When you attend the Mama Village you will feel heard and supported, build lasting friendships and develop tools and strategies to assist you in becoming the best parent you can be.

Are you looking for a mothers' group?

Have you had a baby in recent months?

I know from working with mums that many of you are struggling with the adjustment to motherhood, loneliness, isolation, depression and anxiety. It’s all completely normal. We've lost our villages and we were never meant to do this mothering gig alone.

What if I told you that there's a way for you to find deep connections with other mums?

What if I told you there's a safe place to talk about the hard, the ugly stuff of mothering? What if I told you there would be no judgement? What if you didn't have the pressure of living up to society's expectations of you being a perfect mother?

Sounds good, doesn't it?

At Making Mama we don't just do coffee. It isn't just a place for chit chatting about motherhood - you know, the lack of sleep, the different kinds of poo, the 'when should I start solids'?

All of those things are important, and whilst you have the opportunity for this at Making Mama, it’s so much more!

I'm a qualified clinical social worker and group facilitator and lead discussions in the mothers groups that bring a sense of relief that you are not alone in your feelings, thoughts and experiences. Mums are so brave in sharing their deep (and sometimes dark) thoughts and feelings that generally aren't expressed elsewhere. You will receive support in a non-judgmental way, while learning to be a responsive and gentle parent through the evidence-based parenting information provided each week. I will guide you with attachment parenting information, while looking holistically at families, the struggles of motherhood, as well as the strengths you all possess as mothers.

My passion is supporting mums in their adjustment to motherhood to help reduce the rates of postnatal depression and anxiety. I also love helping mums build their village of support so they don’t have to do mothering alone. If you are looking for a little more than a coffee catch up group where there's no waitlist and you are supported by a health professional, Making Mama is for you!

What's involved?

There are two groups to choose from for babies aged 0-12 months. Please select the day and time period for your booking that suits you and your baby best.

Each session will include a parenting theme, as well as the opportunity for a social chat. Parenting themes will change each term.

90 minute group session including:

  • evidence-based parenting themes
  • connection with other mums for ongoing support
  • share similar experiences with other mums
  • guest speakers on specialist topics
  • coffee/tea

Plus bonus private online support group for mums in the Mama Village to receive additional information and support each week!

Term 1 program: 8th February - 31st March 2022

Making Mama: Mama Village

Building your village of support

Tuesday 8th February and Thursday 10th February

Decades and decades ago, mothers automatically had a village of support. Most families still lived very close to one another, and grandmothers and aunties formed a support network for the new mum. She had information at the ready, answers to her many questions about how to be a mum, listening ears over cups of tea, hands and arms to hold her baby so she could rest and get things done. Many hands made light work. Then families started to spread throughout the world, leaving new mums in isolation. In this session we will talk about the emotional impact on mums when the village no longer exists, and ways we can create our own village. 

Mama village birth stories

Birth stories

Tuesday 15th February and Thursday 17th February

Why is birth significant? Birth changes us! The evidence tells us that traumatic births are on the increase, and in my experience of talking to mums, it certainly is becoming more common. Sometimes the trauma is mild, but for other mums, they faced significant fears that they or their baby would die. This has lasting effects on mums. Of course there are also other mums who have beautiful, empowering experiences. Often times, even these mums find it difficult to share their experience for fear of gloating or making other mums 'feel bad' for not having a positive experience. During this session we will look at the difference between a 'good' and a 'bad' birth to give us a framework to work with and you will be nurtured and supported to share whatever it is you feel - whether your baby's birth was a positive experience, or a negative experience. 

Mama Village threes a crowd

Three's a crowd

Tuesday 22nd February and Thursday 24th February

Having a baby is often the most stressful event on a relationship. Has your relationship with your partner changed since you had a baby? Most mums find that it changes significantly, especially in the beginning. Romance disappears, emotional connection weakens, arguments often become the norm. Join us to take a look at what is normal for most relationships after baby, and how to bring some closeness back between you and your partner.

Mama Village gentle sleep

Gentle sleep

Tuesday 1st March and Thursday 3rd March

In the last decade or so the world has exploded with information on sleep for babies and toddlers. Everyone has become an 'expert', even when they are technically not. We look at all of the evidence around sleep - what biologically normal sleep is for babies and toddlers and what the effects are on the baby with the 'cry it out' techniques. This is an important starting base because it slams all the myths that are out there about sleep, and helps you understand why babies and toddlers sleep the way they do. We talk about how to achieve gentle sleep for your baby, how you can get more sleep, and how to survive those tiring days.

Mama village mother's changing identity

Mother's changing identity

Tuesday 8th March (there is no mother's group available on Thursday 10th March)

At the time of matrescence, the birth of a mother, it consumes your world. You focus on your body's recovery from birth, and usually, on breastfeeding. As time goes by, you might venture out into the world. Few mums slip back into their old life before their baby. The 'old life' is often left in the past, as you forge ahead creating a new life. This doesn't always come without loss. You can experience a sense of loss of your previous friends, colleagues, your actual work or workplace, and your social life that is now non-existent. So other than the role of mother and perhaps wife or partner, what else now forms your identity?

Making Mama: self compassion vs critical self

Self care and self compassion

Tuesday 15th March and Thursday 17th March

We all have two voices in our minds that speak to things we are good at or not so good at. Which voice is louder for you? When you think of yourself as a mother, what jumps out the most? We take a look at these two concepts and delve into your thoughts of yourself as a mother. Part of self care is being compassionate to yourself. But, how do you stay focused on being compassionate to yourself in times when you feel you are failing?

Mama Village breastfeeding

Infant feeding

Tuesday 22nd March and Thursday 24th March

Most mothers plan to breastfeed after they have their babies. What many mums don't realise is how hard it can be, or how painful. You might have a newborn and are still having some difficulties. You might have an older baby and are now smashing this breastfeeding thing! You might have stopped breastfeeding, even before you were ready. It's really common for mums to have grief and loss associated with breastfeeding. In this session we cover your first breastfeeding experience, any challenges you faced, what helped you through, or an opportunity to begin the process of talking about your grief and loss.

Making Mama: good enough mothering

Good enough mothering

Tuesday 29th March and Thursday 31st March

The 'Good Enough' parent is a term coined by a paediatrician and child psychotherapist in the middle of the last century. It means being both physically and emotionally available to your child's needs, and following his or her cues for care. We will explore what this means in contrast to the 'perfect parent' and will look at what the most recent research tells us about how much (or how often) we need to be good enough in order to raise happy and secure children. This session will set your mind at ease and help reassure you that you are in fact, good enough! 

woman carrying baby in striped shirt

How to Join the Mama Village

The mothers groups fill quickly, so if you would like to secure your spot, please make your booking for the whole term if the term has not yet started.

If the term has started, you are still able to join at any time if there is enough space in the group by completing the request to join form.

You will be contacted within the next business day to arrange part payment of the full investment fees.

Your investment

Term 1, 2022 bookings

When you attend the mothers groups you will leave feeling less alone and isolated in your mothering, you will have evidenced based parenting information, tools and strategies to assist you in becoming the best parent you can be, your child will feel connected to you and you will be supported and nurtured by a qualified and experienced health professional who has worked with families for more than 25 years.

In addition, you are welcome to join a private online support group for mothers from the Mama Village where additional parenting information and support will be available each week, as well as the opportunity for you to continue building your connections with other mums.

For all of this, your investment is $240 for the TUESDAY Term 1 Mama Village mothers' group (which is only $30 per week) and $210 for the THURSDAY group (this group has one less session).

Payment is to be made upfront for the term (or part thereof if you are joining partway through the term). Payment plan options are available if needed - enquire here.

Committing to something you are not 100% sure about can feel scary in terms of your time and finances. It's important that the Mama Village is the right fit for you. When you attend the Mama Village, you have 3 days to request a refund of the remainder of the term if you feel the group isn't right for you.

Where are the Mama Village mothers' groups held?

The Mama Village mothers' groups are held at the Coorparoo School of Arts and RSL Memorial Hall at 208-210 Cavendish Road, Coorparoo

Making Mama Coorparoo hall
Making Mama venue: Coorparoo hall