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Circle of Security® Parenting™

Newly released program commencing February!

Do you have this really clear vision in your mind of the kind of mother you want to be? Gentle, kind, compassionate. Sound right?

But then your child displays behaviour that’s probably very normal and age appropriate and you turn into the opposite kind of mum.

You yell. You scream. You cry. You might grab your child and handle him or her physically in a way that’s a bit too rough. You might even smack.

Your child is screaming. You are furious. You are crying, and you might have sunk down onto the floor in exhaustion from the whole mental battle.

The guilt sets in. You don’t want to parent this way. You feel so incredibly bad for the words you said, for the way you yelled, and the way you ‘man-handled’ your precious child.

You are exhausted and at your wits end. How are you supposed to do this mothering gig in the ‘gentle, kind, attachment parenting’ way?

You worry that you are damaging your child for life.

It can leave you feeling like a failure as a mum. Sound familiar?

It can be hard to get past your child's behaviour, especially when it's pushing all your buttons and triggering a range of emotions in you. 

Behaviours in young children - like tantrums, not listening and being physically aggressive - are common. We know that children show their emotions through their behaviour, and their brains are not yet developed for them to regulate their own emotions. They need our help. 

Circle of Security

Do people tell you that you will make a rod for your own back if you don’t follow through with punishing your child for their behaviour? Generational parenting saw the use of punishment to get children to obey. Research now tells us that this form of parenting doesn’t help children develop emotional security. 

For many parents, using punishments like time outs, smacking and grounding means that the connection between the parent and child gets broken. It means the child doesn’t always feel secure. How do you possibly help the child feel secure in those moments when the child’s behaviour makes you feel ALL.THE.EMOTIONS? 

Would you like to learn how to look past the behaviour? Would you like a DIFFERENT way to respond?

At the Circle of Security® Parenting™ program I will help you reflect on the way you were parented and build that bridge between your own childhood experiences and how you are parenting now. The program gives you insight into WHY your child behaves in a negative way, and then helps you learn how to respond. Most importantly, it helps build a really secure attachment between you and your child so that they have the ability to form positive relationships as they enter adolescence and adulthood.

Regardless of their age, children thrive when they feel safe, seen, soothed and secure. They grow into their best selves when they are closely connected to the adults around them, when they feel heard, and when they feel understood.

Imagine if your child is acting out and you didn’t see him or her as the problem any longer? What if you confidently knew how to manage the situation to calm your child and move forward? Imagine the relief and gratitude your child will respond with when you can ‘be with’ them in their needs. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

What is Circle of Security® Parenting™?

The internationally acclaimed Circle of Security® Parenting™ program is an evidenced based attachment program which reflects over 50 years of research on the long-term impact of the parent/child relationship in the early years and attachment theory and takes the guess work out of parenting. It is now delivered worldwide to parents of children aged 4 months to 6 years. 

You will receive essential training through DVD clips and reflective questioning, based on the Circle of Security graphic and intervention model. 

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • ​​Identify the lifelong benefits of a secure relationship with your child
  • Recognise and understand your child's emotional needs
  • Respond to difficult behaviours in ways that create resilience
  • Cease the battles of 'will'
  • Identify your child's emotional needs
  • ​​Support your child's independence
  • Support your child's need for closeness and intimacy
  • Promote the development of empathy in your child
  • Understand why sometimes your child's behaviours cause strong reactions in you
  • Discover a new way to handle your child's emotional 'meltdowns'
  • Discover a new approach to take when your child 'acts' out'
Making Mama: Circle of Security

Who is the presenter?

Karen O'Mara social worker

Karen O'Mara

Karen is an accredited social worker with more than 25 years experience working with families and is a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers. Karen has worked extensively with families in child protection, as well as in social work positions in maternity and children's hospitals where she worked in intensive care, emergency departments and wards to support families and children impacted by grief, loss, trauma, crisis and bereavement. Karen has also volunteered for almost ten years as a qualified breastfeeding counsellor providing individual and group counselling for mothers. Karen is a registered Circle of Security® Parenting™ Facilitator, a mum of two, and is passionate about providing evidenced based information to mothers and helping them build their village of support in her business Making Mama.

2022 Program details

Bookings now open!

The Circle of Security® Parenting™ Program will be held over 8 sessions from 9am-10.30am on Monday mornings in 2022.

Term 1, 2022

7th February

14th February

21st February

28th February

7th March

14th March

21st March

28th March

Term 2, 2022

2nd May

9th May

16th May

23rd May

30th May

6th June

13th June

20th June

Term 3, 2022

25th July

1st August

8th August

15th August

22nd August

29th August

5th September

12th September

Term 4, 2022

10th October

17th October

24th October

31st October

7th November

14th November

21st November

28th November

I keep the Circle of Security Parenting programs small - only a maximum of 8 people will be present to help ensure a relaxed and interactive environment. Places are strictly limited.

We will warm up slowly - we will spend time in the first session getting to know one another so that you can learn to feel comfortable. You will never be asked to share information if you don’t want to. 

If you choose to share personal information, I will hold you in your space. I will ensure that the discussions are gentle, kind, and supportive. The sessions are held in a non-judgmental environment. Judgemental comments are not supportive and I will ensure that discussions are guided to ensure the emotional safety of those present.

The sessions are confidential. None of the experiences you share will be published without your permission. 

Imagine your baby or older child is able to develop healthy relationships with others!

Imagine being able to strengthen your relationship with your baby or child as he or she grows, knowing you are building a really secure relationship!

What if I told you that if you invest in yourself for the Circle of Security Parenting program it will have lasting, long term effects for not only you, but your child/ren? Your kids will develop strong emotional security so that they can form healthy relationships with everyone they come into contact with as they grow into adulthood. You will be a more relaxed mother, able to meet all of your child’s emotional needs. How much is that worth?

The investment for the program is $399 per person and includes:

✨ 8 x 90 minute sessions 

✨ Workbook and handouts

✨ Certificate of completion (must attend all sessions to receive this)

Payments are upfront at the time of booking. However, payment plans may be available on application, so please contact me if you would like to be considered for this.

Early bird special

An early bird special is available until two weeks before each Term is to start. Total early bird special is $320. Don't miss out!

The program will be held in Coorparoo.